The Mid-State Seed Investment in Technology

Steve Blalock of Marshall, MO, leads Mid-State Seed, LLC, as general manager. He previously owned the business and served as chief executive officer for 25 years. Before joining the Marshall, MO-based seed company, Stephen Blalock worked as a sales manager for the Cargill, Inc., Nutrena Seed Division in Minnetoka, Minnesota.

Mid-State Seed works with seed provided by the nation’s most renowned farmers to condition, package, and distribute each harvest utilizing the industry’s most advanced processes and technologies. It is the belief of Mid-State that an effective business operation functions best as a mutually beneficial partnership. While Mid-State growers work tirelessly to produce quality crops on a yearly basis, the company continues to invest in the latest equipment and industry information.

An advanced bin management system, which informs growers of when an individual bin requires a temperature or moisture adjustment, is just one example of Mid-State Seed’s commitment to technology. Carter Day Aspiration technology, meanwhile, is capable of cleaning roughage and removing light fines and chaff as part of a single operation. Additional examples of the investments Mid-State has made in the name of quality service are advanced automated packaging, high-precision treatment gear, an intensive inventory management system, and Oliver Maxi-Cap and Hi-Cap gravity separators.


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